The client requested a small getaway where he could recharge after a pressure packed season in the Northwest treating sports injuries.  He was very familiar with Todos Santos, having spent frequent visits in one of the old Dominguez family landmark buildings with his family & friends.  From that standpoint he was in full support to do his project with my design that was in homage to the 19th century buildings found around town.
The structure is primarily based on a massive rock wall on the east side and then joined with brick walls to complete the residence.  The termination of the rock section was left rough, as to suggest the remnants of an even older building that was then rehabbed with the “new” brick.  At less than 1000 square feet, with one bedroom and one bath, the interior spaces still feel generous without interior divisions.  The site offers a great coastal view accessed by large heavy plank doors to find an elevated terrace that blurs the boundary between interior and exterior space since the doors are always open when the house is occupied.
A writing studio and a swimming pool were added later.
900 square feet

1 br / 1 ba