About Patrick Coffman

I began my art path background in junior college in Pasadena, Ca., then entered a small art school by the name of Chouinard, in Los Angeles, from which I took a degree in Fine Art in 1970.  As with many of my friends after graduation, we lived in the yet to be discovered ‘loft’ lifestyle, which was to become a trendy movement in Los Angeles; we eventually bought the building, an old 3 story brick commercial zoned structure that I remodeled into living spaces.  Thus was my entry into building and architecture, which through various projects in Los Angeles and then into Mexico. I find myself now in Todos Santos, with about 50 local projects standing in our little town. 

Surrounded by 19th Century colonial buildings, which was a total contrast from SoCal environs, I felt the local setting to be a new school of art and architecture, learning and working with traditional methods and materials while bringing my own background, senses of scale and proportion to produce a hybrid aesthetic to be in harmony with the setting and climate of the Todos Santos area.

The past 25 years here have been a delight and the future looks even brighter.